We want to strike a blow for the singles. Palettes in all their glory, but often it is a couple - three shades that run out first. A bit like downloading an entire album when you end up playing a couple of songs on repeat. Single shadows are also easy to bring, in your make-up bag, on the go. Lots of pigment, perfect size in a perfect rose gold colored box. Jenny K. Beauty All Eyez On Me Single Eyeshadows comes in four shades that also form the basis for eyeshadows. They're the quartet everyone's talking about.

You can buy them separately, in sets of two or a set of all four. You can find our sets of eye shadows under sets for eyes and below.

All Eyez On Me Eyeshadow come in four shades with more to come:

The Perfect White 
Oh My Smokey Eye
Glam Squad
Heart Of Gold